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Jeff Johnson | Ban on CSG in agricultural areas

Nationals Office | Kris Beavis CSG Petition Handover

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Nationals Office | Kris Beavis CSG Petition Handover

outside Kris Beavis' office - LTG petition hand over

Nationals Office | Kris Beavis CSG Petition Handover

How ironic it is that the Nationals candidate for Ballina, Kris Beavis, is beating his chest talking about ‘challenging Labor about its CSG plans’. What’s worse is the Nationals TV commercial boasting about ‘proven results on CSG’.

I travelled to the Gasfields of SE Queensland about 2 years ago as part of a Northern Rivers delegation to see for myself first hand the impacts of CSG and to speak with farmers who have had this industry forced upon them. The towns of Tara and Chinchilla have been totally consumed by this industry. People are getting sick and the creeks and rivers are bubbling methane. The place has been irreversibly ruined by this industry.

Mr Beavis is right about one thing, the Nationals do have ‘proven results on CSG’.

1. They have voted against a moratorium on this industry every time this issue has been debated in the NSW Parliament.
2. They re-issued Dart Energy’s exploration license PEL 445 in November last year which covers large areas of the Northern Rivers.
3. They recently released the ‘NSW Gas Plan’, which provides the framework for CSG operations throughout NSW, including the Northern Rivers.
4. Lismore MP Thomas George has been actively promoting Metgasco in Parliament even though his son is an employee (isn’t that a conflict of interest?)
5. They have ignored the NSW Farmers Federation’s call for a ban on CSG in agricultural areas.
6. Nationals MP, Don Page, despite being Minister for the North Coast has not once spoke out about this industry.
7. The Nationals have 2 previous leaders in Mark Vaile and John Anderson who are now on the payroll of Whitehaven coal (recently approved mega-coalmine in the middle of the Liverpool Plains) and Eastern Star Gas (CSG ambitions in the Northern Rivers -Clarence and Richmond Valley). The revolving door is wide open due to their influence on current National Party MP’s.

A vote for the Nationals is a vote for CSG. If they are re-elected in Ballina and Lismore, Mike ‘You bet I am’ Baird will approve production licenses in the Northern Rivers and we will be back to square one. Thanks but no thanks Kris Beavis.

Nationals Office | Kris Beavis CSG Petition Handover

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