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Here is some background on Jeff Johnson, and Why is he the ideal independent candidate for Ballina.

About Jeff for BallinaThis is not the first time that the term, “Jeff for Ballina” has been used.  It started with local government.  Jeff Johnson was first elected to Ballina Shire Council in 2008.  Since being elected to the Ballina Shire Council, Jeff has been committed to working with the local community on a range of issues including environmental, social and economic reforms.  This is one of the reasons why Jeff is going to be a great independent candidate for Ballina.

In addition to his role at a local government level, Jeff brings experience and knowledge.  In 2006, he completed a Bachelor of Business Administration at Southern Cross University.  More recently he went on to complete post-graduate units with the Faculty of Law.  Jeff has a long history working in management and small business.  Jeff grew up working in his family’s business, so knows what’s involved and how much hard work is required for local businesses.  Small business is the engine room of our local economy and needs greater support from government. This will allow business to get on with managing and growing their businesses. Vote Jeff for Ballina, so our region will benefit.

Jeff has worked as an Energy Efficiency Consultant since 2009, specialising in Solar Photovoltaic, energy audits (homes and businesses), and lighting. He is currently the Commercial Solar Consultant for the SAE Group Pty Ltd.  With all of this experience, the Ballina Electorate only stands to benefit when voting Jeff in as an independent candidate for Ballina

Initiatives that Jeff has already brought to Council over the last 7 years, that have been adopted as policy include:

– A commitment to becoming carbon neutral,

– The establishment of a revolving energy/sustainability fund,

– The Ballina Youth Council,

– The commitment to build a commuter cycle way from Lennox to Ballina,

– The installation of over 80kw of Photovoltaic Solar Panels,

– The Ballina Community Garden,

– Native Street Tree Planting Program,

– Extra funding for road resealing,

– Extra funding for community groups,

– Lobbied State and Federal Government ministers to introduce a National Container Deposit Scheme and called for a moratorium on CSG mining in NSW, the construction of an Indoor Sports Centre,

– Greater recognition of the Las Balsas Raft and the Maritime Museum

– An Ocean Pool at Shelly Beach

– Electric vehicles as part of Councils Fleet Replacement Program

– Opposed consecutive Special Rate Variations.

– and many more

If you want to see the job get done when it comes to our region, vote Jeff for Ballina!


Councillor Johnson has been elected to a number of business and community advisory committees since 2008 including:

The North East Waste Forum (NEWF) from 2009-2011. NEWF is a regional advisory board with representatives from 5 Local Councils.  Its primary focus is to reduce landfill, increase recycling rate, provide leadership, and champion community based educational programs.  Jeff was the Chair of NEWF between 2009-2011

Jeff has also been Ballina Council’s delegate on Sustain Northern Rivers (SNR), and was a member of the SNR Energy Working Group.  SNR is a collaborative team with representatives from over 30 local organisations including Local and State Government.  Jeff has achieved a lot for the region, now it’s time to vote him in as the independent candidate for Ballina.

Jeff is a Ballina delegate on the Richmond Tweed Regional Library (RTRL) .  The RTRL is responsible for all of the libraries in the Tweed, Ballina, Byron, Lismore local government areas. Jeff was the deputy chair during 2012-2014.

Jeff also sits on a number of Advisory Committee’s including the Public Art Advisor Committee, B Ward Community Committee and Aboriginal Community Committee.

Do what’s best for the region, vote Jeff for Ballina.


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